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The Fail Academy Podcast

One thing is for sure...this show is not for everybody.  This is for those who are incapable of following the rules.  The free spirits who are awake and the sleeping spirits who want to wake up.



The Fail Academy was born out of the ashes of rock bottom. A Man destroyed.
This was all possible from failing. Losing. I realized that it was all my struggles, losses and adversity that made me this strong, this fearless and this wise. My old self had been broken into a million pieces while my new self rose up enlightened fresh and excited to begin a new journey.
The universe speaks through me. I have a direct connection to the highest frequency where all Truth exists. I seek the truth and therefor I receive that truth. Which is everyone"s right and ability. There is no special gift that I posses which you do not. It is merely a matter of opening ones eyes and waking up. Which is happening on a global scale through collective consciousness. Everyday more and more people are waking up and raising their vibrations to be in alignment with this frequency. The internet has played the biggest role in that. It is a great time to be on this planet to experience true self discovery together. No governments, religions, oppressions, manipulations, propaganda can keep humanity enslaved any longer. The movement has begun and the momentum can not be stopped.
As for my role the plan is to share this wisdom and help others discover their true selves. Build a community of truth seekers. Share my story and document the journey from ground zero to global impact. Change the perception of failure and let everyone see all my flaws, struggles, personality, creativity, savagery. There is only one me just like there is only one you. That is your gift.